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Biogas Leeuwarden; when innovation is needed.
We probably don’t need to tell you that the current method of generating energy from fossil fuels needs has a finite lifespan. Sustainable alternatives are essential if we are to meet our ever-expanding energy needs. Biogas is one such alternative. The generation of energy from animal manure and co-products is a tried-and-tested approach but has, until recently, barely been profitable due to its high costs. Until recently, because …

Dairy Campus Leeuwarden – an experimental farm for innovation in the areas of agriculture and cultivation and part of the University of Wageningen – has blown new life into the digestion of manure. Evergreen Energy, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota (US), has developed an innovative technology that not only produces a higher biogas yield from biomass, but also ensures that the cellulose/lignin is fully digested, resulting in better quality biogas (more methane) at considerably lower costs. 
Biogas Leeuwarden for higher yields and lower costs.

Use of smart bacteria
Whereas manure digestion used to be profitable only with the addition of expensive additives such as corn, onions and grain, the use of “smart” bacteria means that waste products such as manure, roadside grass and other woody organic materials that would normally be consigned to the compost heap can now suffice. Because we can precisely adjust the ingredients and ratios in this bacteria cocktail, almost all the (organic) material present can be digested. Furthermore, the manure product that is left behind after digestion is of a high quality, and can itself ensure a better harvest. An optimised cycle. Biogas Leeuwarden.

Win/win throughout the entire chain

Everyone wins with Biogas Leeuwarden. Local authorities save on maintenance costs for their green spaces and the cost of raw materials for the manure digester, making the production of biogas a good bit cheaper. Agriculture finally gets better fertilizer and the consumer gets sustainably generated energy. Win-win throughout the entire chain.

Invest in the future

The existing manure digester on the Dairy Campus is currently being modified so that it will be possible to start producing biogas at the start of 2016. 
This large-scale modification is partly being made possible by FSFE (Fúns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy). Invest in your future too. A sustainable future. Biogas Leeuwarden. Get in touch, we will be happy to talk to you.


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